Begin by contacting us either by phone, e-mail, or come by our showroom. Usually it’s best to schedule an appointment.  We then work together to design your door.  Once we figure out a design, we will fill out an order form that you must sign.  We require a 50% pre-payment at scheduling.

Depending on the difficulty of the door it normally takes around 4-6 weeks.  We make every effort to have the door delivered when the builder needs it.

There is a large window of time that the entry door can be installed.  It can be installed at the end of framing with the rest of the exterior doors and windows.  Usually it is best to wait until the sheet-rock is installed and finished because the door is less likely to get damaged.  The door needs to be installed before the stone, brick or stucco.

Covering it carefully with plastic is the best way.  This encourages people to use another door for deliveries.  The finish we use is very durable and cleans up very well after construction.  If the door gets dents, it is easy to repair by wiping glaze into the defects.

We can build your door in just about any species you require.  Because we build our doors with engineered cores, any species will result in a reliable door system. Here are some pros and cons of our most popular.

Pros – The majority of the doors we do are made of alder.  Alder is an excellent choice because it is very economical.  Species other than alder greatly increases the cost of our doors.  Alder is easy to work with and can be very reliable if it is finished properly.  Alder is fun to finish and can imitate wood species that are far more expensive.

Cons –  Alders biggest drawback is that it is soft and easily dented.  For this reason we strongly suggest that alder is distressed.  Alder also yellows in the sun.  This is why we always finish alder with stains and glazes and rarely do “natural finishes”.

Pros –  Mahogany is one of the most reliable materials out of which to build exterior doors.  It has very little wood movement and rarely has defects.  Mahogany is very tough and hard to dent.  It has a natural reddish brown and gets darker with time.

Cons –  Mahogany has very few cons.  It is more expensive than alder, but is still moderately priced.  Some people don’t like mahogany’s unique grain and dark appearance.

Pros –  Cherry has some of the most beautiful grain of any wood.  It develops a beautiful dark patina over time.  Cherry is slightly harder than alder.

Cons –  Cherry is a more expensive species.  Cherry can occasionally have problems with cracking and glue joints separating.

Pros – Black walnut is very beautiful and rich looking.  It finishes gorgeously.

Cons –  Black walnut tends to fade slightly in the sun.  It is moderately priced.